Resources for Children

This can be an especially trying time for those with children. It’s difficult to explain why we’re doing what we’re doing, and there’s the necessity of juggling the role of full-time teacher and caregiver in addition to anything else you might be doing (like working).

Here are some resources that happened across my radar, in case any of them are helpful.

Setting a daytime schedule can be helpful for you and for children to keep in a regular cycle. Set aside certain time blocks for certain activities, and do them at the same time every weekday. Continuing to have weekends as a time to relax and blow off steam will help you and your child return to a regular schedule when the emergency is over.

Schedule example:

I personally think this is wonderful. We don’t like to sit our kids in front of a screen of course, but sometimes we need them to be still for just a little while so we can get something done. This might help.

Kids’ books read out loud:

Here’s a young lady who is volunteering her time to do entertainment live on Facebook:

Grade-specific exercises and resources:

National Geographic science experiments:

Make math part of the routine with Bedtime Math:

Scholastic’s website:

The Body Coach – Exercises for kids to do at home:

Activity Suggestions:

  • Make an obstacle course in the back yard or in your basement and see who can complete it the fastest (if you’re solo, capture your feats on video to share)
  • Plan a picnic in your yard. Pack your favorite meal and make it even more special by playing a mix of your favorite tunes on a portable speaker or your phone
  • Set up a tent in your living room – or better yet, create a fort with couch cushions and blankets. You can tell camp stories or read a book under the make-believe stars
  • Plan a meal where everything you prepare is food you can eat with your hands – or make it more challenging and don’t use hands either
  • Schedule video chats with loved ones and spice them up by wearing a wig, costume, funny makeup etc. and surprise your friends and family
  • Make your own post cards and send them to people who you miss the most. They’ll love getting good-old-fashion mail and hearing from you

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